Why coconut wax?

As you may have noticed the candles at Copper Wings Candle Co. were created to offer a clean, yet, glamorous appearance. With that being said, the inside had to match the outside and thus there was the idea of COCONUT WAX!....yay!

The acknowledgment of coconut wax has been growing, although, not as popular at the moment as its counterpart soy wax. So, here are the reasons why we love using it as our base to make our products and why you should love coconut wax as well.

-slow & clean burning

- excellent scent throw for a strong aroma

-even scent throw (so your candle burns evenly around the vessel)

-eco friendly 

-works well with essential oils


You'll noticed that if you happen to get a drop or two of coconut wax on your skin while trimming the wick it becomes quite moisturizing.