Copper Wings Community

Our mission here at Copper Wings Candle Co. is to restore our community & be a part of the growing change that we wish to see.

Copper Wings Candle Co. presents The Treasure Children's Campaign to benefit Children's Wisconsin Child Advocacy Centers. 

It has always been a dream of mine to send a truckload of toys and blankets to children overcoming unimaginable trials and tribulations. However, toys are donated in waves of generosity especially during the holidays. 

Human trafficking is just one battle of concern that our communities should to come together and fight against. That's why a portion of total sales from September 3rd, 2020 to December 3rd, 2020 will help benefit Children's Wisconsin Child Advocacy Centers. 

Child Advocacy Centers are a safe place for children and adolescents who may have been abused throughout the state. 

According to Children's Wisconsin, 90% of a child's overall health is determined by external factors outside of healthcare. Children's Wisconsin is committed to delivering new programs and services to help support a child's overall health, which is one of the reasons why they invests in 7 Child Advocacy Centers. 

The CAC serves kids and families exposed to trauma through physical/sexual abuse, drug exposure, domestic violence, or neglect. Services provided at the CAC on an ongoing basis include abuse assessments, forensic interviews, advocacy support, case management and referrals for services beyond their provided care. 

Join me to achieve the largest donations of 2020 to benefit Children's Wisconsin and the children who deserve a future filled with hope and a path to freedom from their transgressors. 





(info provided by Children's Wisconsin)