What size are your candles?

  • 8 oz 

What vegan wax do you use for the candles?

  • A coconut blend, no soy

What coconut wax?

  • Coconut wax offers many benefits for candles including slow & clean burning, excellent scent throw for a strong aroma, even scent throw (so your candle burns evenly around the vessel), eco friendly and works well with essential oils, but it must be mixed with a harder wax to ensure that it doesn't melt at room temperature. 

Why wooden wicks?

  • Wooden wicks provide a cleaner smoke when the candle is extinguished. Leaving little to no black soot. It is natural and doesn't need to be coated in wax for use and also it can provide a calming campfire sound with the right wick height and width. 

What is black soot?

  • Soot is an organic result of incomplete combustion. Black soot is what happens when oils from the candle aren't completely burned and enter the air. This results in a black smoke or soot.